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to BookyPets universe!

Reading is also a game

Discover this great adventure of exploration and collecting to encourage the habit of reading and children’s personal growth in an easy and fun way. The videogame also proposes a series of dynamics that help children to train these socio-emotional skills. Designed for children from 7 to 12 years old, with more than 50 imprisoned BookyPets, who can only be rescued… by reading!

Children's personal development

Reading as a tool for transformation and empowerment

Through its own methodology, BookyPets encourages the habit of reading as a tool to empower children and strengthen socio-emotional skills that prepare them for life

Reading Habit


Now reading can also be a game for the youngest members of the family, thanks to our exclusive educational methodology for the generation of habits, through the most natural and effective activity that exists: playing!


Language Development

Involvement of parents and teachers

For healthier and more balanced play

BookyPets has been designed with a limited time of use, to prevent and avoid dependency

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