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Be Your Best

Quiénes somos

About Us

Be Your Best is a transmedia company, at the forefront of the revolution in the EdTech sector and specifically focused on children’s education, combining traditional formats with playful narratives in interactive digital environments.

We are experts in the creation and exploitation of children’s IP (video games, films, digital series, books, collectibles, comics), related to reading and personal development.

BYB is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with very different and complementary profiles: pedagogues, psychologists, developers, creative and game designers, authors, translators and publishers specialised in children’s and young people’s literature.


Our Vision

Education is the cornerstone of our society and acts as a driving force for progress and change, at a time of great uncertainty, but also of enormous opportunity

This new digital age in which we live requires a different set of skills for our children to solve problems and evolve in a changing environment

To this end, it is essential to empower children by discovering their talents and enhancing the socio-emotional competencies that will prepare them for life

It is also essential to face the reality of bullying, in all its aspects, and provide tools for awareness, prevention, protection and detection of this problem

BYB wants to lead this Ed-Tech transformation, through our innovative products, LifeGames, which combine life, play and science

Our Mision

Our mission is to foster a love of reading and personal growth in children, preparing them for the future through an ambitious programme of socio-emotional skills integrated into the videogame itself that will help them improve personally and academically

Children from 7 to 12 years old are at a very important time in their lives. On the one hand, they are at the most receptive age, before reaching adolescence, to generate and consolidate the habit of reading, which will allow them to broaden their vision, enrich their vocabulary and their imagination, and improve their capacity for thought through language

Moreover, they are at a particularly sensitive age and are preparing for life, in all aspects. For this reason, our aim is to provide them with the necessary tools to care for their emotional development and mental health, and to accompany them in this key period through play and reading

Our History

The project was born out of a father’s concern for an attractive idea that would give his children a taste for reading. In 2022, BookyPets, the video game, was launched, bringing together two apparently irreconcilable worlds, turning reading into a game that also helped to develop emotional intelligence skills

At the same time, Tales of Imaginatios was published. El rescate de los BookyPets, another gateway, in paper format, to this project

BYB has taken another step forward in its commitment to personal development by focusing on a magical energy that, through reading and play, is capable of empowering children

In addition, it is firmly committed to the fight against child bullying, in all its aspects, including numerous readings and dynamics linked to the development of “superpowers” that allow children to protect themselves and ask for help in this type of situation, which generally operates silently, without the knowledge of the families

Our proposal

BookyPets is a 3D video game for children aged 7 to 12. In addition to the app format, it is also available in a console version (Nintendo, PlayStation and Steam), as well as in graphic adventure format, through ODILO. Its more than 3,500 contents and readings are available in Spanish and English

BookyPets has a worldwide presence, especially in Spain, USA and LATAM, and has already exceeded 100,000 users

Reading is also a game…