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Once upon a time A GREAT ADVENTURE!

Through the video game and the book, you will travel to an incredible world called Imaginatios, where all the characters from the stories live, as well as some magical creatures with very special wings, shaped… like a book. They are the BookyPets! When the children of Earth stop reading, the BookyPets can no longer fly and so they are trapped by 3 terrible monsters (Fear, Laziness and Selfishness), who imprison them in book-cages. You, the children, are the only ones who can give them back their freedom with special keys that you can only get… by reading fantastic stories and passing tests to train your superpowers!



The 4 islands and the Caracola Lighthouse

Imaginatios is a magical archipelago, initially consisting of 4 islands:


Skills development


The character editor allows you to create your own avatar and customise it with dozens of elements



He will show you your Daily Mission and give you the magic staff with which you can seal your commitments



They will accompany you on your adventure!


Get to know them all! They will test you and tell you great stories. If you help them… there will be surprises!


Enter the BookyPets Universe!


BookyPets is a powerful energy that keeps the universe in balance, making all the beings that inhabit it reach their best version. Make it grow in you!

Discover all the formats of this exciting, challenging and tremendously fun proposal!

The videogame

BookyPets: available in a 3d App version for mobile devices: adventure, collecting, exploration…
Download it for free:

BookyPets Legends: an immersive 3D experience for game consoles and PCs You are in control of this adventure!
Download it at:

BookyPets is also a graphic adventure ame on ODILO, the leading digital learning platform. Try it out!
Log in and play on:

Book collection

Imaginatios stories. The rescue of the BookyPets

The rescue of the BookyPets

Integrating two seemingly irreconcilable worlds, digital and paper, is possible? Still haven’t read the children’s novel everyone’s talking about? Discover “Tales of Imaginatios: The rescue of the BookyPets”, where the legend that would later be transformed into a video game began!

More Bookypets products

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