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Once upon a time… A GREAT ADVENTURE!

The BookyPets App takes children to a fantasy world called Imaginatios, where all the characters from fairy tales live, as well as magical creatures with very special wings, shaped like… books. They are the BookyPets! When the children of Earth stop reading, the BookyPets can no longer fly and so they are trapped by 3 terrible monsters (Fear, Laziness and Selfishness), who imprison them in book-cages. The children are the only ones able to give them back their freedom with special keys that they can only get… by reading!


We introduce...

The four Islands and Faro Caracola

Imaginatios is a magical archipelago, inhabited by all the characters from the fairy tales… and by all the BookyPets! It is initially made up of 4 islands:



Character editor with dozens of customizable elements to create your own avatar in the game.


They will accompany you on your adventure!


Meet them all!

Development of competencies