BookyPets Legends will be available next March 30

Children aged 7 to 12 can now look forward to a new way to read – with BookyPets Legends, an adventure, exploration and collecting videogame.

 BookyPets Legends is designed to encourage reading among children in an easy and fun way, thanks to its own methodology, GameReaging®, which has been scientifically validated.

BookyPets Legends transports children to the magical kingdom of Imaginatios, where they must free the BookyPets from the clutches of 3 evil monsters (Fear, Laziness, and Selfishness). To do this, they must read hundreds of proverbs, fables, tales, legends, and children’s novels in order to get keys and open the cages in which they are locked up.

BookyPets offers game mechanics based on popular games for children aged 7 to 12, such as RPG, Tower Defense, and Collecting. There are more than 50 BookyPets to rescue, collect, and evolve, and the children can customize their own in-game avatars. Rewards are given for each reading, including spells, energy, and keys to free their BookyPets.

BookyPets Legends is available on app, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Steam and is accessible worldwide. The game and its readings are available in both Castilian Spanish and English.

For those looking for a fun way to encourage reading among their children, BookyPets Legends is the perfect option!